<National Certificate> We are now registered with national security specialists registry


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One of our team members have passed the Information Security Assistant (Registered Security Specialist)
examination and the formal registration to the Information-technology Promotion Agency (IPA) was completed.
Registration Number: No. 012797
The ever increasing development in the convenience in a information in society has risen the 
risk of accidents and attacks on information such as with migration of confidential information to the
cloud, sending information electronically and the sorts.
With regard to these threats, we are promoting the acquisition of 
Information Security Assistant (Registered Security Specialist)
in order to understand the correct knowledge and measures against these threats.
The qualification requires extensive knowledge in information security, 
all hardware, network, software and operational aspects. The difficulty of the qualification passing 
rate for the qualification 10% as of 2018.
In addition, in order to continue to obtain the latest IT security information
it is required to attend a conference once a year to 
continue to hold on to the certification. 
With this knowledge, we will strive to continuously provide customers with support for 
the proper measures to counter cyber attacks.
If you are interested in security support
Please feel free to contact us from this inquiry form.