Engineering Combining
Artisan Spirit With ProfessionalismWizway Culture

At Wizway we provide services in business systems and web system development as well as specialized programs such as crawler development and analysis and construction of proprietary protocols.
We use these technologies to provide the best development services.
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The Bread and Butter of Our BusinessWizway's Service

We offer services in two forms of development at our Akihabara office and our on site development at our customer's location (SES)
We rotate in-house development and permanent development, and is adjusted so that our personnel ratio is roughly half.

In Office Contract Development

Having much experience with system development as well as cloud server construction, most development is completed at our office.
If you have any concerns or interested in the progress, you are welcome to drop by our Akihabara office any time.
We also provide complete highly transparency in the development process which can be explained to the smallest of details.
Our entrusted engineers can walk you through the complete process of development for your orders.

Sending Our Engineers to On Site Developments

For on site development, our employees will travel to on-site locations where clients are in need of their services.
We bring with us years of abundance of knowhow and experince.
For any concerns such as, "I'd like to create a common infrastructure but I do not have framework know-how in the company.",
"It is necessary to create a communication program of proprietary protocol for system cooperation",
"I want to use AWS but I do not know well about configuration design" etc. We can provide full services to address your needs.