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Wizway Services
Integrated management and consulting making full use of programming

Software Development

All development is done inhouse with our abundance in experience in software development as well as cloud server infrastructure.
The Akihabara location will give you the convience to check out our progress whenever you like. We provide complete transparency to our developement process and can walk you through detail by detail. In certain situations, such as with complex UI designs, we utilize our partner firms, but all will be reported to our clients beforehand.
On site development done by our resident techinicians


For on site development, our employees will travel to on site locations where clients need their services. We bring with us years of abundance of knowhow and experince. For any concerns such as, "I'd like to create a common infrastructure but I do not have framework know-how in the company.", "It is necessary to create a communication program of proprietary protocol for system cooperation", "I want to use AWS but I do not know well about configuration design" etc. We can provide full services to address your needs.

SKILLOur Abilities

Wizway engineers have the specialties and knowhow in rather uncommon or unique IT problems, as well as various skills from outside the IT field which brings together a vast array of knowledge that allow us to find solutions to a wide range of problems.

COMPANYCorporate Profile

Wizway is a software development company located in Akihabara

Recruitment InformationRecruit

Wizway has a wide range of people within our ranks in addition to veteran engineers such as former diving masters, former chefs, former baristas, liberal arts graduates.
Rather than looking for "immediate returns" or "short term prospects", we are looking for candidates for 5, 10 years down the line. Even those who have never worked on software development in their life, all are welcome at our company.
With members with over 30 years of IT career experience and those with obscure and interesting skills with our organization, this is the perfect environment for you to step up your own skills ans well as making the most of your career.