Lunch At A Polished White AirspaceIn Akihabara Ekimae


Author :Sho

Category: Lifestyle

Kokappou Ohashi Akihabara Living
Tokyo-to Chiyoda-ku SotoKanda 1-18-18 Akihabara DaiBiru EkimaePlaza 5F
From JR Line Akihabara Electric City Exit, 1 min walk
My Senpai took me out to lunch. (Thank you very much!!)
The place was Akihabara Ekimae’s “Kokappou Ohashi Akihabara Living”
A white themed space with wooden tables; it was absolutely fantastic with a very relaxing atmosphere .
The menu was also very abundant, and healthy balanced meals. It was very delicious.
I think I would like to stop by again sometime (^^)/