Almost One Year


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It is almost a year since we have moved from Shinjuku to Akihabara.
It feels like I've just unpacked everything and a year has flew past by.  

Since this is a good chance, I want to share some 
good things and bad things since moving to Akihabara. 
(These are all my own thoughts by the way LOL)

■The Good

①The office got bigger​​
When we were at Shinjuku, the conference room only had 4 chairs,
but now in Akihabara, 8 chairs, in the conference room; this makes meetings so much more comfortable. 
The basement floor of the office has more than enough space for work, 
and we definitely have enough room for more people to come in. 
②Don't need to clean the bathrooms
At Shinjuku, we had to take turns on who cleans the bathrooms for the week (including the president).
But in Akihabara, there is a dedicated inividual who cleans the building bathrooms everyday, 
so no need for any of our staff to do any cleaning, and we have a sanitary bathroom to use. 
I really appreciate their work.
③Procurement of any PC related items are fast
Akihabara being Japan's all famous electric town, getting PC related items is like going out for lunch.
Cables and monitors, or even obscure items are all within walking distance. 
This was not something available in Shinjuku. 

■The Bad
①The commute time has gotten longer
This is completely a personal issue but, my 15 minute commute in Shinjuku has multiplied.
Nothing really can be done about this so I probably should just move closer. Lol
②There's no gym near by
At Shinjuku we made a gym club within the company, so every Wednesday we would go training together. 
But Akihabara doesn't really have much to offer in the gym business, so the club just kind of disbanded... (currently disbanded)
I go training by myself but it's kind of a shame. 

Our president is probably reading this so, I really tried hard to find some bad points but I honestly couldn't come up with any. 

So as a result, I think it was a good move to set up shop in Akihabara. 


When we moved I bought a potted plant (Hitomi chan)
and she's grown a lot in this past year. 

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